Voting: Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t received your ballot yet please fill in this form on the Labour Party website for your ballot to be re-issued.

Most people have the option to vote online and we would encourage you to use this.

Voting online means there is no chance of spoiling your ballot paper. It also saves the party money.

If you vote using your printed paper ballot, make sure you use a number (1/2/3/4) and not an X.


I haven’t received my ballot yet, what should I do?

Please fill in this form on the Labour Party website for your ballot to be re-issued.


What does the email ballot look like?

The email will have a subject line of ‘VOTE NOW: Labour Party elections’ and come from [email protected]


Can I vote in the leadership election?

You can vote as long as you are a fully paid up member, or a Registered/Affiliated supporter who has been accepted by the Labour Party.

Will I receive a postal or online ballot?

Full members will get a ballot paper and an email link with a code to vote online.

Affiliated members will get an email link if the party has your email address, and a paper ballot if they do not have an email address for you.

Registered supporters will get an email link with a code to vote online.

Am I eligible to vote?

Everyone who signed up by the 12th of August, should have now received confirmation if they have been accepted into the party as a supporter/member.

If you have not yet heard call the Labour Party on 0845 092 2299.

Can I vote using both my postal and online ballot?

Each person will only have one vote and will only be able to vote once.

If you vote online, please do not return your paper in the post.

Can I given one candidate my 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference votes?

No. Each candidate should only have one number next to their name. Anything else will invalidate your ballot.

Do I have to use all my preferences?

No, you can use as many or as few preferences as you wish. You user numbered preferences from 1 down. Do not mark with an X.

Do I put an X if I’m voting for only one candidate?

No. You should still put a number, anything else risks invalidating your ballot paper.

Does using my second preference harm Jeremy’s chance of winning?

Under the AV voting system your second preferences only come into play if your first preference has been knocked out of the contest. As long as you put Jeremy as your 1st preference, your 2/3/4th preference will not damage his chances.

Who is Jeremy backing for Deputy?

Jeremy has not endorsed anyone for Deputy.


More help

You can find out more about voting in the leadership election at