Two more Unions back Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leadership contender, Jeremy Corbyn MP  has welcomed the growing labour movement support, as two more affiliated trade unions announced they are nominating him for Labour leader.

The Communication Workers Union and, transport union the TSSA have both announced their backing for Jeremy today.

It follows on from yesterday’s decision by Unison to nominate Jeremy.

“I am honoured to have the backing of the CWU and the TSSA. My campaign is about a modern Britain that goes for growth, not austerity, with long-term investment in modern world-leading transport and communications infrastructure,” said Jeremy.

“I stand alongside the majority of people who work in these sectors of our economy who want good, secure jobs in modern industries.

“Labour is reconnecting with those who believed that the selling off of Royal Mail and of the railways was a bad idea because it  based on short term profits not long-term public good.

“I opposed the sell-off of Royal Mail and I campaigned with railway workers and the public against rail privatisation.

“And today’s announcements are further proof that  people from all walks of life are coming together to support high quality services, and a public investment strategy to bring secure jobs, affordable housing and a Britain based on creating shared prosperity not continual austerity for the many.”