Jeremy secures strong early support from Labour Councillors

Jeremy Corbyn has announced that over 230 Labour Councillors have already endorsed his bid to be leader of the Labour Party.  
These early endorsements from councillors are the latest sign that Corbyn’s campaign continues to gain strength and momentum.
Jeremy Corbyn said: “It’s great to have so much support from Labour councillors.
“Labour councillors are Labour’s backbone, representing communities across Britain and having to deal with the consequences of the government’s deep cuts to local government funding. We need to listen more to local government and prepare to revitalise local government under Labour from 2020.
“This government have centralised power while devolving the pain inflicted by cuts to local councils. It is the most deprived communities in the country that are bearing the brunt of the government’s economically flawed programme.
“We in the Labour movement must stand for strong, democratically accountable public services and support our councils in delivering them.”
The full list of Labour Councillors to have endorsed Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader can be found here.