Standing To Deliver

To win, Labour must reconnect in all parts of Britain from Southampton to Nuneaton to Kilmarnock.  

There is a clear choice: to accept the Tories’ race to the bottom on cuts or to set out a vision of a modern, innovative country.  We cannot cut our way to prosperity.

And we need something different – a better kind of politics too.

With Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Labour will be able to reconnect with Britain with policies designed to deliver in every part of the country

Jeremy is standing to deliver:

  • A new kind of politics: a fairer, kinder Britain based on innovation, decent jobs and decent public services.

  • Growth not austerity – with a national investment bank to help create tomorrow’s jobs and reduce the deficit fairly. Fair taxes for all – let the broadest shoulders bear the biggest burden to balance the books.

  • A lower welfare bill through investment and growth not squeezing the least well-off and cuts to child tax credits.

  • Action on climate change – for the long-term interest of the planet rather than the short-term interests of corporate profits.

  • Public ownership of railways and in the energy sector – privatisation has put profits before people.

  • Decent homes for all in public and private sectors by 2025 through a big housebuilding programme and controlling rents.

  • No more illegal wars, a foreign policy that prioritises justice and assistance. Replacing Trident not with a new generation of nuclear weapons but jobs that retain the communities’ skills.

  • Fully-funded NHS, integrated with social care, with an end to privatisation in health.

  • Protection at work – no zero hours contracts, strong collective bargaining to stamp out workplace injustice.

  • Equality for all – a society that accepts no barriers to everyone’s talents and contribution. An end to scapegoating of migrants.

  • A life-long national education service for decent skills and opportunities throughout our lives: universal childcare, abolishing student fees and restoring grants, and funding adult skills training throughout our lives


I want to hear from Jeremy and the movement supporting his campaign