Jeremy Corbyn publishes rural policy consultation

Jeremy Corbyn has today published the initial response to his consultation document on rural policy, ‘Rural Renewal’; a set of ideas and proposals that aim to unlock the potential to build vibrant local parties in rural areas where for too long our party has not been visible enough, despite the best efforts of dedicated local activists.

We consulted thousands of members and supporters in rural areas, and 1,650 responded over little more than a weekend – showing the real appetite of our members and supporters to get involved with policy.

Housing was the biggest priority – just as it is in many urban areas too. Transport links were also a major problem, with a lack of services causing social exclusion, and local council cuts taking their toll too. Improving infrastructure like broadband and transport, 3. Increasing support farming and fishing industries

The top three issues were:

  • Housing
  • Improving infrastructure (i.e. broadband)
  • Transport

Speaking after the publication, Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn said:

“I was born in rural Wiltshire and grew up in Shropshire where I first took part in Labour politics. Labour must become as much a party in the communities like the one in which I was born as it is for people in inner city constituencies like the one I represent.

“Too often the old machine politics writes off “the Tory shires”. It can seem to abandon communities struggling with issues such as housing costs, public service cuts, and social exclusion – issues that communities in inner cities are also facing too.

“If Labour doesn’t offer those communities solutions, no one else will. There shouldn’t be any no-go areas for Labour. We can win anywhere if we engage people in finding the answers to the issues they face.

“Let us be confident that together we can rebuild our party right across Britain.”