Response to the speech by Gordon Brown

Responding to the speech by Gordon Brown today (Sunday), a spokesperson from Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign said: “Gordon Brown has highlighted the need for a Labour party that stands for hope: that is credible, radical and electable – on which basis the best candidate to vote for is Jeremy Corbyn.

 “It is necessary to be credible but credibility cannot mean an orthodoxy of austerity that chokes off recovery – instead we need a Labour party that stands for growth, investment and innovation across the whole country.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s clear plans for growth-led recovery rather than austerity mark him out as the candidate offering hope and drawing in thousands of new people in the process. Polls vary but most have shown that Jeremy Corbyn is the candidate most likely to engage with voters beyond Labour’s existing supporters.

“Whoever wins this leadership election will have a massive direct personal mandate and that is a powerful springboard for winning in 2020.”