Missing Your Ballot?

What to do if you haven’t received your ballot by September 1st.


Phone: 0845 0922299 or 0191 2465004

Email: [email protected]

Check which ballots you are supposed to have received.

There are three types of voter in this election.


If you are a full Labour Party Member, you should have received both a paper ballot in the post and, if we have an email address for you, an email containing a link and two-part security details to vote online. You can vote using either of these ballots, but only one set of votes will be counted.

Registered Supporters

If you paid a one time fee of £3 to register yourself as a supporter, and to vote in this election, you will only receive an email ballot. You will not be receiving a paper ballot.

Affiliated Supporters

If you have a vote due to your membership of an affiliated organisation, such as a trade union, then you are an ‘Affiliated Supporter’.

Affiliated Supporters will receive either a postal or email ballot. This will depend on whether we have your email address.

Check your spam filter

We have heard from many voters that their ballot email has been caught in their email spam. Please check carefully in there. The email will have been sent from ‘[email protected]’ with the email subject ‘VOTE NOW: Labour Party elections’.

Still no luck?

If you are expecting a postal ballot, then you can request Labour to resend it by filling in this form.

For all other enquiries, please contact the Labour Party:

Phone: 0845 0922299 or 0191 2465004

Email: [email protected]

You have until 12pm (noon) on Thursday 10 September to cast your vote.