Medical professionals choose Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn MP, has today been selected by medical professionals as their favourite candidate to become next leader of the Labour Party

In a poll, conducted by the campaigning health organisation Socialist Health Association, revealed Jeremy to be a clear first choice.

The Socialist Health Association is a campaigning membership organisation which promotes health, well-being and the eradication of inequality in society and government.

They stand for universal healthcare meeting patients’ needs, free at the point of use and  funded by taxation and an integrated healthcare system which reduces inequalities in health and is accountable to the communities it serves.

It is a further boost to the fast gathering momentum of Jeremy’s campaign, which yesterday saw him receive the backing of the country’s biggest Union, Unite.

“I thank the Socialist Health Association for this vote of confidence,” said Jeremy, a former National Union of Public Employees official, who represented health workers.

“Their support is more than just a welcome boost, it a further example of the growing momentum of my campaign and of of the hopes and policies people of all walks of life are now bringing to it.

“They are highly dedicated medical professionals and, highly principled defenders of the principle of a universal health care, free at the point of delivery funded by progressive taxation.

“If elected leader of the Labour Party, I look forward to working with them to get an integrated healthcare system which reduces inequalities in health, is accountable to the communities it serves and, to get rid of the scourge of PFI.”The results of the poll can be found at