Let’s focus on policy not process

Responding to the latest interventions on the ‘process’ of the Leadership Election, a Jeremy Corbyn campaign spokesperson said:

“This latest internally-faced intervention is an attempt to distract the leadership election onto ‘process’ rather than real political issues, such Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to move on from the legacy of the Iraq war with an apology. This is because Jeremy Corbyn is setting the political agenda.

“The purely internal procedural obsession falls short of the outward debate the party needs. Whilst some issues have been raised, we do have confidence in management of the process by elected members of Labour’s NEC and the General Secretary.

“The party’s procedures committee will deal with process and campaigns can and should raise their issues with them directly – but the candidates need to face towards a country that feels insufficiently connected to our party.

“Every day the campaigns focus on how Labour runs its elections is a day lost in talking about how to win the real elections that count, the general election of 2020, and other vital elections along the way.

“Jeremy Corbyn is calling for an apology for what happened in Iraq in order to rebuild trust – the other campaigns are welcome to join him.”