Jeremy’s response to Cameron on the refugee crisis

Labour Leadership candidate, Jeremy Corbyn, responding today (Monday) to the Statement on the Refugee Crisis in the House of Commons, said: “At the Home Minister, Interior Minister summit next Monday, will Britain now sign up to be part of a European wide response to assist refugees from all parts of the world and ensure they have somewhere safe to go, and Britain will play a much greater role in it than it does at the present time; including sorting out the misery and desperation of people living in those camps in Calais and other places – they are human beings too, who need help and support.

“If I may add to this, will he say anything about the welcome remarks by the Foreign Secretary during his visit to Tehran in which he indicated that because of the new relationship with Iran, there was a possibility of a wider political involvement in bringing about some degree of progress, possibly even a solution to desperate crisis facing Syria of a summit involving all the nations of that region, plus Britain, USA and Russia.”