Corbyn’s final campaign rally

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn MP will bring his final rally of the campaign back to his home constituency of Islington North tomorrow (Thurs) night.

It will be the final rally of an astonishing political summer in which Jeremy’s pro-investment, anti-austerity arguments and vision of a fairer Britain dominated the political agenda.

The event is to thank all the supporters and volunteers who helped with Jeremy’s bid for leadership, and to celebrate Labour becoming a mass social movement again. This leadership vote is set to be the largest democratic vote in the history of any British political party and over 16,000 people volunteered to help with Jeremy’s campaign.

The rally will be Jeremy’s 99th public event since the contest began, having addressed more than 50,000 people, from Aberdeen to Plymouth to Tredegar.

Jeremy Corbyn said:
“Labour lost the election because they had no clear alternative to the Tories’ unnecessary, self-serving austerity plans.

“I’ve outlined policies which would provide decent jobs, homes, and schools, nurture high-tech, socially productive industries and foster a fairer, more inclusive Britain.

“In packed rallies from Aberdeen to Essex, these ideas have received an amazing welcome, showing that people are thirsting for a proper alternative to the current savage cuts.

“I’m very excited to be taking the campaign back to my constituency, and to have the chance to thank our brilliant volunteers and supporters. Their work has made this campaign possible, and their energy and optimism has been inspiring.”