On the tenth anniversary of the London bombings

On the tenth anniversary of the bombings in London on 7th July Jeremy Corbyn MP said:

“Today we remember the victims of those killed and hurt in the July bombings ten years ago, and all of those affected by them. Our thoughts are with them. Twelve of those who died were from my own borough of Islington. This was an act of murderous violence carried out against Londoners of all backgrounds and walks of life, going about their daily business. It was the worst terrorist attack in our city’s history. I want to pay tribute to the families and friends of those caught up in these events and who have had to deal with the trauma of it.


“It is also worth sparing a moment for the public service workers, the men and women who work on public transport and in the emergency services, whose humanity and bravery on July 7th must not be forgotten. In the face of terror, transport workers got our buses and Tube running again and restored some normality in terrible times.

“Ken Livingstone’s words that day spoke to us all and inspired us with the best of our capital city and what we are capable of.

“Finally we must reflect on the extraordinary unity shown by Londoners as a whole in the aftermath of these bombings – their refusal to turn on each other and their inspiring example of faith in the power of standing together. The bombers did not succeed because Londoners stayed united.”